Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Everyday Carry" (EDC) is a website devoted to what one carries on their person every day, if said person is a man-cop-military-man-man. Meticulous photographs fetishizing: impractical knives, stabby pens, watches, woven parachute cord bracelets, dense-looking flashlights, and guns dominate the site.

An EDC top 10.     
     These shots are lovingly crafted by men with full pockets.
    My man, Nate, introduced me to EDC, mostly to share in and marvel at its creepiness--discussion is required after spending any amount of time looking at the items in these photographs. 
     In order to infiltrate and poke fun at the EDC website, we decided to take multiple "everyday carry" photographs of our own. EDC has not published any of them, so I am posting a few here.    
     I hope you enjoy. 

     Photos/infiltration attempts of your own are encouraged. Please share them!

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