Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marginalized by text/autocorrect

Texting is sometimes fast, error prone, and hilarious--whether intentional or not, aided by autocorrect or not. 

"We're in the family bathroom by the Orange Julius. Making a mess. Need help [read intended for your spouse not whoever received your text]!"

"Duck [read Fuck] you!"

"I really like this fir [read girl]."

"Cool beanana [read beans or bananas]."

"I know it's awkward that I'm telling you this for the first time via text but ... I live [read love] you. I live [read love] you so much!"

"I am a golden GOd in hIgh. I am tru to the fat full nad thy is fat full an tru to me [read drunk]."

"Grwat nose. Am eerie. I dont' newsreel 3ist double b beef thee! [read Great news. I'm early. I didn't realize 3ish could be before 3.]"

"I'll sauce yi [read save you] some."

"Bah Agatha [read bah haha]."

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