Monday, September 9, 2013

Recently viewed films, compiled, with grades

Below is a list of films, mostly dramas, mostly crime dramas, that I watched this summer, but haven't had time to review. They are worth your time, which is why we're here. 
Each film is labeled by genre and graded. If the grade is at least a B, you should watch it. If the grade is an A, you should watch it multiple times and study it carefully.

The Right Stuff (1983). Drama. A+

Rust and Bone (2012). Drama/Foreign. B

20 Feet from Stardom (2013). Documentary. A-

The Spectacular Now (2013).  Comedy/Drama. B+

Memories of Murder (2003). Crime drama/Foreign. A-

L.A. Confidential (1997). Crime drama. A

Kick-Ass (2010). Action. B-

Zodiac (2007). Crime drama. B

Blackfish (2013). Documentary. C

Elysium (2013). Action/Science Fiction. D+

Oldboy (2003). Crime drama/Foreign/Thriller. B-

If you want to talk about any and/or all of these films in detail, I'm game, but you're buying the beer.


  1. I no longer want to talk about Old Boy, which I feel slightly bad about sort-of recommending. I do want to talk about LA Confidential, and the late-90s promise of Russell Crowe

  2. Deal.
    But you'll have to buy me that beer first.