Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer 2013 garden wrap up

     The seven foot tall joe pye weed and cutleaf coneflower plants are dominating the garden as we near the end of summer. 
Joe pye weed's pink flower clusters can be seen leaning to the left in this picture. The yellow cutleaf coneflowers are in the center. A small pink phlox grows in front.
Blue/purple mistflower mixed with brown-eyed susan (cutleaf coneflower leaning in).
Bow watches the bees pollinate the flowers. He attacks them if they fly too close to him/the ground.
Pete smells the butterfly milkweed. He follows me around while I weed.

Close ups. Cutleaf coneflower.

Cutleaf coneflower and blue/purple mistflower.
Cutleaf coneflower and white boneset. 
Brown-eyed susan.
Butterfly milkweed.

Young Fowler's toad. The toads began to populate the rock garden portion of the backyard at some point this summer. 
We hear them sing some nights.   

     There have been no monarchs in the garden this year. We did not come across any brood II 17-year cicadas in our area either. Pete happily snacked on annual cicadas instead.

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  1. Yay for toads!

    Also--I absolutely love the photo of Petey smelling the milkweed: so sweet!