Sunday, September 14, 2014


     Missing you. Weird examples:
(1) I saw a guy running in shorts patterned after the Maryland state flag. The shorts were the ugliest, satin/sateen looking things, but they filled me with glee. I jumped up and down, clapped my hands, and nearly ran after the man sweating into those shorts to give him a hug.
(2) Lately I have been envisioning ways to add Old Bay, a salty seasoning mix traditionally sprinkled on Maryland crabs, to foods that I love (popcorn, chex mix, toasted pita squares). By the way, I don't eat crabs. I have never eaten Old Bay.
(3) Born and raised a Tigers fan, I actively rooted against the Orioles when I lived in Maryland. Now I live in San Francisco, a city with two great baseball teams that I am trying to take an active interest in. Someone mentioned that the Orioles lost today and I practically started to cry.
     Okay, Maryland. I get it. You're great and should be missed. And I do miss you. But getting excited about some guy wearing your state flag while he's running? That's weird ... even for me.

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