Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Artists' hands at work

     The Walters Art Museum featured student art work from the Creative City Public Charter School in their main gallery last weekend.
     Below are photos of one of the second grade projects and a few additional pieces.
The description of this second grade project, printed in the center, reads: "Second graders read These Hands as part of their study of community heroes. Students noticed the repetition of the first line: "Look at these hands, Joseph." They discussed the main character's accomplishments with his hands. They also discussed how the main character joined the civil rights movement. Students responded to the book by reflecting on their own accomplishments with their hands that help themselves and others. In the art room, students experimented with paint in flesh tones to create the unique color of their own skin. Students used their personalized paints to create a print to accompany their text." 
One students' moving self-reflection.

Beautiful bird.
Multi-colored, multi-faceted princess!
Renditions of owls and other birds in their natural settings.
     It was a privelege to encounter the work of these talented students and teachers!

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