Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter pear trees

     The pear trees in the backyard are the last to lose their leaves in the fall. Because of my laziness, these leaf piles often stay put until spring.
     The snow melted recently, revealing matted clumps of brown pear tree leaves all along the back fence. I will pick up a leaf here and there with dog shit, which cannot be left (The dogs will turn around and consume what they've just shat out if you let them. God damn gross dogs.), but mostly the wet, shiny, brown, masses of leaves will sit on the ground and decay for several more months.
     Without the snow, the backyard looks soggy and damaged. That's the way things look at this point in the seasonal transition. But soon everything will be green--suddenly fresh and renewed--and there will even be buds on the lagging pear trees.
     The sky was foggy tonight, and lit by something, maybe a street lamp, down the way. The dark branches of the pear trees stood in relief against the grayness. The trees have straight and slender branches, that look like straight and slender arms, that rise and reach up and up.
     Tonight the pear trees, with their reaching branch-arms, were something to marvel at in their winter state.

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