Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blast from the past

     I wrote and illustrated Timo Stra├če for a German class project in high school (possibly in 1993?). Some of the German is broken, but the story and illustrations are straighforward enough. I think you can follow along even if you do not speak bad German.

Translation: Timo's Street

One day the squirrel mom said to her children,
"You could only go on the street with me.
You can not to go alone."
And the children said, "Yes mom, o.k."
There were 3 children in the squirrels family. First, was Frank, he was 11 years old and very nice. Second, Tanya, she was 9 years old and very pretty. And last was Timo or Tim, he was harmful. The children loved their parents. They cheated not their parents. 

One day, Timo went out and made a play.
He found a small ball.
The ball was very high and made leaps and fun.
Timo was playing with the ball all day.

But in the evening Timo lost the ball.
He searched and searched, but he could not find the ball.
He looked across the street and it was there!  

Without thinking, Timo ran across the street!
Then he heard a loud noise.
The noise was a car with the headlights!

Timo ran and was safe on the side of the road.
His mom ran out of the house to the street.

She said, "Oh, my darling, I told you! Do not do that again!"
And Timo never does that again!
The End

Ah, Timo. Disobedient child!

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